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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ebay Find! Fleur de Feu in Goutte Flacon

Ebay Find! Fleur de Feu in 3 oz Goutte Flacon (Eau de Toilette), probably dates to the 1950s-1960s.


photo by ebay seller scentsearch

What does it smell like? Spicy flowers layered over the Guerlinade accord.

  • Top notes: aldehydes, ylang ylang, carnation
  • Middle notes: jasmine, cinnamon, orris
  • Base notes: Guerlinade accord, tonka, vanilla, benzoin, tobacco, patchouli

Eau de Cologne Imperiale 160th Anniversary Limited Edition c2013

Deluxe edition for the 160th anniversary of the bee bottle and Eau de Cologne Impériale, the creation that catapulted the success of Guerlain in 1853. For this edition, Guerlain has asked French artist Lison de Caunes to conceive a magnificent decoration for the monumental one-litre golden bee bottle using straw marquetry, a technique which was widely used in Art Deco. The box, entirely covered with straw marquetry, features Guerlain’s revived Sun King logo. Thirty-two numbered pieces have been produced.

Photos and info from Monsieur Guerlain

Parfum du 68 by Guerlain c2013

Guerlain's flagship store at 68, Champs Elysees re-opened for business on Nov. 19, 2013, its internal space had been extensively refurbished, and provides 1,600 square meters of space, so that customers can have a better shopping experience.

To celebrate the re-opening of headquarters, Guerlain launched an extravagant new bottle of perfume called Le Parfum du 68.

Fragrance Advice from Guerlain

Guerlain advises:


The art of perfuming holds many secrets. Prolong your ritual and let your fragrance surprise you… Enjoy it to your heart’s desire!

Perfume your umbrella… Your trail will follow you, even between the raindrops. 

Discover a delicate, sensual and even more intimate perfuming ritual. Lightly spray Guerlain Eau de Lingerie on your “little nothings” before getting dressed. And if you cannot bear to go without your favourite fragrance, spray a small piece of cotton and slip it into your lingerie drawer. For more intense perfuming, hand-wash your lingerie with your Guerlain shower gel or all-over shampoo. If you do not have the shower gel of your Guerlain fragrance, spray a few drops of Eau de Toilette into a small amount of neutral shower gel.

Perfume your pillow with Guerlain Eau de Lit for sweet-smelling nights.

When you travel, you can feel at home wherever you are. Simply perfume your hotel room with Eau de Lit and slip a perfumed handkerchief into your suitcase.

Perfume your brushes and combs. As you style your hair, they leave a light scent, like a perfumed mist.

Perfume the hems of your clothing to intensify your fragrant trail.

Perfume your scarf or pashmina and keep your fragrance nestled against you at the base of your neck all day long.

EBay Find! Atuana by Guerlain

On eBay this week! Vintage 1950s Atuana by Guerlain perfume in quadrilobe flacon, still sealed. Older style Marly Horse round label usually seen on the parapluie flacons. Extremely rare find.


Photos by voldenuit2

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Le Bijou du Parfumeur

Le Bijou du Parfumeur (The Perfumer's Jewel) by Guerlain. Gold tone pomander ball pendant engraved with the Guerlain bee symbol, a black ribbon necklace. The pendant opens up and you insert the ceramic ball that you have soaked in fragrance, it closes with a magnetic clasp.

I don't know the exact date of manufacture but I am fairly certain it is post 2008.

For more info check out this Russian blog: http://kosmetista.ru/blog/perfumes/36325.html

Indes & Merveilles Deluxe Limited Edition Shalimar Flacon c2013

Deluxe Shalimar limited edition for 2013, called "Indes & Merveilles". 

Sylvia Toledano, the Parisian jewellery maker, has designed an exceptional set of jewels that follows the curves of the original Shalimar bottle. The 24-carat matte gold is covered with a myriad of colored stones coming from Jaipur: lapis lazuli, amethyst, carnelian, malachite, tiger-eye and yellow and pink quartz. 

The bottle holds 1.5 litre of Shalimar parfum and has been produced in only 48 numbered pieces.

Photo from Monsieur Guerlain

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shalimar by Guerlain 7.5ml Bottle by Waltersperger c2010

GUERLAIN - SHALIMAR: Guerlain has also entrusted Waltersperger with manufacturing the bottles for its two Shalimar perfume extracts, 7.5ml and 15ml.

From the Waltersperger website. c2010.

Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain Giant Factice c2011

SPRING 2011: Waltersperger's Creation of a giant factice bottle for the launch of Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain.

La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain Giant Factice c2012

SPRING 2012: Waltersperger's Creation of a giant factice bottle for the launch of La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ebay Find! Fol Arome by Guerlain

Vintage Fol Arome by Guerlain in quadrilobe flacon.  Sealed, never opened, some evaporation, about 2/5 of original perfume still inside. Bottle stands 3.9" tall. Holds 80ml or 2 2/3 oz.

Ebay Find! Shalimar Quadrilobe Flacon c1940s

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Legend of Shalimar Film

From Guerlain:

"Discover the film "The Legend of Shalimar" long version, directed by Bruno Aveillan and featuring Natalia Vodianova. Once upon a time in India, a love story between a Mughal emperor and his beloved wife. In the 17th century troubadours immortalized on their sitars loves of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. A true story became legend, exalted and magnified. This all-powerful emperor, cultivated in the secret of his heart, an indescribable passion for his divine wife. 

To protect their love, Mumtaz lived in a palace away from the bustle and chaos of the world, surrounded by beautiful gardens, called Shalimar. To join Shah Jahan had to cross the arid steppes surrounded by blue mountains. When he closed his eyes, he imagined to prepare such an odalisque. ll guessed the precious silk carpets, cushions brocades, her maids throwing armfuls of flowers in her bath. He saw her golden hair, could gently caress the grain of his skin and smell her perfume. Images It arose. A breast. A pin.The neck. Nothing more than the tip of the ear, shoulder, his mouth still. Faster, faster, to find her. 

Suddenly conch mugirent vibrating in the air, silencing the shrill cry of the peacocks, he reached the goal of his journey ... Shalimar Gardens. Then he saw goddess among goddesses amid flaming. He heard the rattle of his bracelets. Her sari embroidered with gold rustled on his fine and soft silhouette.Finally, he saw his face, as if so much beauty and emotion terrassaient, lowered eyelids. She stood before him without speaking. He took his time to detail, enjoy the long necklace with beads and later in the hollow breast, guess the secret of her voluptuous trail. This love they lived as a perpetual party plunged them in another place where only had the time. 

Love this moment that Shah Jahan wanted to capture ... He led her to the lake. Not a egret in flight, not a movement in the water when she boarded a small flat-bottomed boat. The whole world seemed to hold its breath, when before their eyes, the water parted and four spikes pierced the surface. They went slowly towards the sky leaving appear four domes of white marble, perched on glistening crystal water that surrounded a gigantic dome immaculate marble minarets. Perforated facades as embroidered in stone galleries with elegant arcades doors, balustrades inlaid with semi-precious stones ... an entire palace springs water. 

A special present. The Taj Mahal will laugh at Time and become a marvel admired by the world. "

Version: Film 5min45 long version

Shalimar Eau de Toilettes

Shalimar has been presented in various eau de toilette bottles over the years, ranging from splash bottles to sprays. Shalimar Toilet Water debuted in 1925 in a splash bottle, succeeded by the Toilet Water Spray (Eau de Toilette around 1959) . This guide will help you identify and date your bottles.

You may still be able to find the following:

  • Eau de Toilette Spray 2.5 fl oz
  • Eau de Toilette Spray 1.7fl oz
  • Eau de Toilette Gold Bee Bottle 16.9fl oz
  • Eau de Toilette Gold Bee Bottle 33.8fl oz
  • Eau de Toilette White Bee Bottle 16.9fl oz
  • Habit De Fete Eau de Toilette Spray Refill 3.1fl oz
  • Shalimar Light Eau de Toilette Spray 2.5fl oz

Flacon Goutte (Teardrop Bottle) c1923-2001

Bottle created by Pochet et du Courval to hold eaux de toilette only. Bottle also made by different manufacturers over the years. Created as the standard Eau de Toilette presentation. The frosted glass stopper is made of two cockle shells; the label depicts two dolphins known as ‘Etiquette Dauphin’.

Different manufacturers:
  • 50cc/50ml/1.7 oz - 8 to 9cm/3.15" to 3.54" (1973) replaced by 50ml - 8.9 cm (1983-1988)
  • 100cc/100ml/3.4 oz - 12 to 13cm/4.72" to 5.12" (1938) replaced by 100ml - 12.5 cm (1983-1994)
  • 250cc/250ml/8.4 oz - 16 to 17cm/6.3" to 6.69" (1923) replaced by 250ml - 16.8 cm (1983-1995)
  • 500cc/500ml/16.9 oz - 20 to 21cm/7.87" to 8.27" (1923-2001)
  • 1 liter - 25 to 26cm/9.84" to 10.24" (1923-1999)

  • 1923-1973: ground glass
  • 1973-1980: glass with plastic dowel
  • 1980-1987: gilded glass with screw on plastic dowel
  • 1987-2002: glass with plastic dowel

  • 1923-1979: newsprint dolphin label
  • 1980-1987: Black and gold oval label
  • 1987-2001: no label, silkscreened serigraphy on bottle instead

Eau de Toilette Travel Bottle with Atomizer c1960s-1970s

This particular bottle dates to 1967, based on the date on the box. The bottle was used for demonstration purposes so that customers could test the fragrance. It was not meant for resale.

Delft Style Refillable Atomizers c1968

The 1960s also saw a different type of bottle for Shalimar eau de toilette, this was a cylindrical metal bottle which housed a 3fl oz glass spray vial which could be replaced with a new refill when finished. The metal bottle was enameled with blue and white Oriental designs. This copyrighted design was launched in 1968. Other scents were packaged in similar looking enameled cases.

Flacon Louis XVI c1977-1983

Flacon created by Pochet et du Courval to hold extraits of Apres L'Ondee, Muguet, Mouchoir de Monsieur, Violette a deux Sous, Le Bon Vieux Temps, Ai Loe and others. Flacon has also been used for special limited editions for export such as Chamade, Shalimar, Mitsouko, Vetiver, L'Heure Bleue, Apres L'Ondee, Jicky.

Shalimar Eau de Toilette, circa 1977-1983. Photo from worthpoint

Limited Edition Eau de Toilette c1984

Limited edition 1 oz eau de toilette spray. This bottle was also used for a limited edition eau de cologne in the same year.

photo by ebay seller luxuryluver

Gold Refillable Atomizers c1981-1989

In the 1980s, gold purse sprays were available for all scents and the original Shalimar bottle got a modern makeover and now came with a plastic cap and spray nozzle. The original bottle continued to be made, but for the Parfum only. In 1981, a limited edition gold tone cylindrical bottle was offered with a glass spray bottle, which could be replaced with a new refill when finished.These gold bottles hosted all Guerlain eau de toilette fragrances at one point between 1981 and 1989.

Eau de Toilette Spray Flacon c1966-1983

This spray bottle design was also used for the Film Spray (light moisturizing lotion in spray form), launched in 1966 . Notice the box design on the 1983 version.

c1983. Shalimar Eau De Toilette Atomizer 1.7 oz. Photo by ebay seller ezlisting.

Shalimar Eau de Toilette c1980-1983

Shalimar Eau de Toilette c1980s. Peach colored box with an embossed zig zag pattern and gilded frame surrounded the perfume name and information. This is an unusual presentation and is not commonly seen up for sale.

Footless Chauve Souris c1995-2000

The footless Chauve Souris bottle was first used for Shalimar eau de toilette in 1995 and later was used for its eau de cologne as well. The eau de toilette had a blue cap/stopper and the later versions of the eau de cologne had a frosted white cap/stopper.

Habit de Fete Refillable Atomizers c1997- present

As the millennium approached, Guerlain wanted a fresh, modern look for some of its bottles, and introduced the Habit de Fete limited edition bottles in 1997. These bottles are an updated version of it's classic refillable styles, but come in three different sizes. The bottles are a thick gold tone studded with silvery dots. Refills for these bottles can be found at the Guerlain counters or purchased online.

Shalimar Habit de Fete. 3.1 oz Eau de Toilette. Photo from ebay seller jackperfume

c1998 Anniversary Edition

This special bottle had a clear crystal stopper instead of the usual blue, and the bottle was filled with Eau de Parfum splash. It came in two sizes, 1 oz and 2 oz. It also came in a 4.2 oz Eau de Toilette splash. The box is a flocked midnight blue color.

c2000 Shalimar Edition Limitee Inverse

For this limited edition,Guerlain decided to have the bottle itself made up of a sapphire blue crystal and the stopper clear crystal, instead of the reverse.This was a 30ml size eau de parfum splash for 350 francs. It was also available in eau de toilette in the 125ml size for 500 francs.

Chauve Souris Eau de Toilette c2000-2010

This is a variation on the famous Chauve Souris flacon. This flacon was replaced in 2010 by the edition by Jade Jagger.

c2003 Shalimar Eau Legere Parfumee

2003-- Shalimar Eau Legere Parfumee, also known as Shalimar Light Fragrance, introduced in 2003, it skips the musky accord and goes from the cool lemon top into a warm vanilla heart. It was created by Mathilde Laurent, a young in-house Guerlain perfumer.

c2004 Shalimar Eau Legere Parfumee

In 2004, Jean Paul Guerlain slightly changed the composition and color of the perfume. It is lighter as the name suggests and less complex than the original Shalimar. Shalimar Eau Legere Parfumee was discontinued and replaced by Eau de Shalimar in 2008.

c2008 Eau de Shalimar

Eau de Shalimar by Guerlain is a oriental vanilla fragrance for women. Eau de Shalimar is a new fragrance and it was introduced in 2008. Top notes are orange, bergamot and lime; middle notes are rose and jasmine; base notes are vanilla, iris and resin. But according to Guerlain's own information, it's only a repackaging of the successful Shalimar Eau Légère Parfumée, composed by Mathilde Laurent in 2003. Jean-Paul Guerlain reworked it slightly in 2004 and the fragrance was then attributed to him.

c2009 Fleur de Shalimar Flacons

Fleur de Shalimar 75ml eau de parfum and Eau de Shalimar Fleur 75ml eau de toilette, are two limited edition bottles for collectors. Guerlain explains that the perfumes were "created to celebrate the most bewitching and sensual note of the classic fragrance: vanilla blossom. Protective of its own rarity, it only blossoms for a few hours at sunrise. In awe of this quiet, intimate moment with vanilla flowers Guerlain set out to capture a second of eternity, etching its blossoms on the Shalimar bottle for two limited editions. The vanilla blossom on the voluptuous neck of the bottle underscores the perfume’s intensity, then appears in a precious, radiant hallmark - first in midnight blue on the glass of the bottle, then in gold on the packaging which shields its mysterious blossoming from observation".Only the bottles are different, the fragrance is unchanged.

c2010 Shalimar Edition Charms

Shalimar Edition Charms 75ml eau de parfum and Eau de Shalimar Edition Charms 75ml eau de toilette are two limited edition collector's flacons holding the usual juices. "The desire to experience sensuality, femininity, mystery...to succumb to SHALIMAR ÉDITION CHARMS, whose bottle decorated with Oriental motifs, evokes the splendours of India. Slender arabesques unfurl their delicate volutes over the bottle and box. They are inspired by the motifs on the rings worn by Indian women on every occasion, along with the embroidery admired on the shimmering colours of ceremonial saris. A blue silk thread is wound around the neck of the bottle, holding the famous golden "signet" engraved with the double G."

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bouquet de L'Exposition c1867

Bouquet de L'Exposition by Guerlain: launched in 1867. Created for Guerlain's exhibit at the 1867 World's Fair.

So what does it smell like? This charming floral fragrance fragrance contains rose, honeysuckle and Philadelphus.

Discontinued, date unknown.

Eau Aromatique de Montpellier c1840

Eau Aromatique de Montpellier by Guerlain: launched in 1840.
So what does it smell like? It has been described as "being in a garden full of flowers in full bloom."

Discontinued, date unknown.

Photo by Yoka, from a Guerlain exhibit.

Extrait de Gualtheria c1843

Extrait de Gualtheria: launched in 1843.

So what does it smell like? Oil of wintergreen, true (Gualtheria procum- bens) — This is a plant of North America, known as the tea-berry or partridge-berry. 

Extrait de Gualtheria. Photo by Yoka, from a Guerlain exhibit.

Flacon Mauresque (Moorish) c1910 - ?

Flacon Mauresque (Moorish) c1910 - ?

Bottle created by Pochet et du Courval for various perfumes. Beautifully enameled decoration. Based on a 17th century Persian or Moorish perfume flacon in the Guerlain family collection. This flacon was also used for other Guerlain perfumes. Specifically tailored for custom perfume. Guests can choose perfume bottle shape, stopper shape, decoration and color of flowers.

  • 250cc/250ml/8.4 oz - 22.5cm/8.86"

Arabian Cologne, photo by Yoka, bottle was from a Guerlain exhibit.

Young Princess by Guerlain c1892

Young Princess by Guerlain: launched in 1892. This perfume was created for the Spanish King Alfonso XIII's daughter, Marie de Bourbon.

Flacon Lalique

Flacon Lalique c1925-1963

Bottle created by Lalique to hold extraits of Bouquet de Faunes and Jasmin. The maiden’s face on the front of the bottle was taken from the entrance to the Guerlain boutique at 68 Avenue Champs-Elysées, Paris, France.

This bottle was catalogued by Lalique as "Vasque Louis XVI".
  • 80ml/2.7 oz - 9.7cm/3.82" (1925-1963) 
  • 125ml/4.2 oz - 11cm/4.33" (1925-1958) 
  • 250ml/8.4 oz - 13.5cm/5,.31" (1925-1960) 
  • 1925-1940: 1st version with waves just below neck 
  • 1940-1963: 2nd flat version without waves, marked "Made in France" on the foot

Original presentation box, made up of leather. Photo by Drouot.

See how the baudruchage cords are threaded through the stopper and wrapped around the neck. Photos by Chanelle at parfumo

Atomizer, photo by Bonhams.

Photo showing the stopper and the label. Photo by mona lisa

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ebay Find! Rare Shalimar No. 90 Quadrilobe Flacon!

This is a VERY unique find!!!  A Shalimar "No. 90" quadrilobe flacon! Probably from the 1930s-1940s. Stands: 2 1/2" tall.


photo by ebay seller shumakka

Ebay Find! Rose du Moulin Rouge Pot

Great piece in excellent condition, get it while it's still available:


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Champs Elysees Too Much? by Guerlain c2000

Champs Elysees Too Much? by Guerlain: launched in 2000.

Shiny Cherry Blossom by Guerlain c2005

Shiny Cherry Blossom by Guerlain: launched in 2005. Limited edition from the Asian-oriented Cherry Blossom fragrance collection released each spring.

Samsara Shine by Guerlain c2001

Samsara Shine by Guerlain: launched in 2001. It was created by Jean-Paul Guerlain as a flanker to the highly successful Samsara perfume, also by Guerlain. It is a lighter and sprarkling version of Samsara, meant to be worn in the warmer months of spring and summer.

Place Rouge by Guerlain c2013

Place Rouge by Guerlain: launched in 2013. Created by Thierry Wasser. Limited edition released commemorating the 120th anniversary of the Russian department store Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin (GUM) located in Moscow's Red Square. The perfume's name is named after it's location, Place Rouge (Red Square).

Colours of Love by Guerlain c2005

Colours of Love by Guerlain: launched in 2005. This is a fragrance of romance, love, and zest for life, created for flirty young girls.

Ebay find! Apres L'Ondee by Guerlain

Ebay find!

Apres L'Ondee by Guerlain early 1980s, limited edition extrait in Louis XVI bottle. I can't make out the batch numbers on the base of the bottle, perhaps the seller can enlighten us.


photo by ebay seller voldenuit2

The same seller has another Apres L'Ondee, also in the Louis XVI flacon, dates after 1983.


photos by ebay seller voldenuit2

Ebay Find! Candide Effluve by Guerlain

Ebay Find!

Candide Effluve by Guerlain in the quadrilobe flacon (Baccarat signed), it holds 80ml/2 2/3 oz parfum extrait.


photos by ebay seller voldenuit2

Lilas by Guerlain c1875

Lilas by Guerlain: launched around 1875.

Shalimar Limited Edition Gift Set c1999

Shalimar Limited Edition Gift Set c1999

Included the following:

  • 5ml Eau de Toilette Splash
  • 5ml Beautifying Hair Gel Spray

Photo by ebay seller menack123

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vintage Shalimar Gift Set c1970s

Vintage Shalimar Gift Set c1970s. Includes: 1.6 oz Eau de Cologne in Montre flacon and 3 oz Film Spray (moisturizing lotion). Presented in a lilac flocked box with a plastic sleeve to protect the box.

photos by ebay seller oakhill-sales

Ebay Find! Kriss by Guerlain

On Ebay now....Kriss by Guerlain

The price is outrageous and not likely to sell for that amount, but it is a nice example in its original presentation box.