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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pot a Flannels - Used at Guerlain Boutiques

Pot à Flanelles, these were gold toned canisters which held cotton balls used to sample parfum extraits at the Guerlain boutiques. As you can see in the photo below, the bases are the same shape as the Sucrier de Madame tester bottles, but have a lid with a disk shaped finial instead of a spray mechanism. The finial is emblazoned with the Guerlain double G monogram. The pot a flannel was engraved with the name of the parfum  that would sit next to the canister.

These were not offered to the general public and are extremely rare to find when offered for sale. A nice piece to add to your Guerlain collection.

photo by ebay seller duhautmarais

photo by couteau bergarie

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shalimar Soap

Shalimar's soap was packaged in various different boxes over the years.

c1967 design. Catalog No. 639. 3.5oz toilet soap. Photo by ebay seller n00bjesus

c1983 design. Catalog No. 749. 75gr toilet soap. Photo by ebay seller n00bjesus

c1983 design. Catalog No. 58. 75gr toilet soap. Photo by ebay seller n00bjesus

Monday, August 19, 2013

Coriolan c1998

Coriolan: launched in 1998. It is dedicated to the man full of contrast: to Coriolanus, a legendary Roman general who was said to be powerful and strong, pride and confident, barer of nobility, braveness and love. Coriolanus has inspired Shakespeare, Plutarch and Beethoven. He was the man who accomplished all of his goals, not because of his glory, but because of a woman he loved. The character of this great man inspired Jean-Paul Guerlain to make this fragrance; to celebrate freedom of the spirit and love with carnal pleasures and seduction.

Ebay Find! Vintage Nahema

Vintage Nahema on ebay


Batch code YC 4GD 1. Dates from 1988-1993.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Guerlain Atomizer for the Hair c1930s

Vaporisateur Pour la Coiffeuse (Spray for the Hairdresser) c1937 - 1965

Round, squat shaped bottle originally used for demonstration to be used by a hairdresser or beauty advisor, it was created to hold perfumes, lotion vegetale, brilliantine or stilboide fluid to spray onto the hair.
  • Small size - 4.8cm/1.89" 
  • Large size - 6.5cm/2.56"

Pola Negri, c1930s, holding a Guerlain atomizer (spraying her coiffure with brilliantine).


Pour que votre vaporisateur fonctionne régulièrement nos nous permettons de vous recommander les quelques soins suivants:

#1. Ne jamais faire voyager le vaporisateur s'il n'est pas muni de son dispositif de bouchage.

#2. Avant de remplir votre vaporisateur vide, rincez-le avec un peu d'alcool ou d'Eau de Cologne à plus de 90%. Après ce rinçage mettre un peu d'Eau de Cologne fraiche dans l'appareil et vaporiser ce produit une dizaine de fois.

#3. En ce qui concerne le vaporisateur de voyage seul, débouchez régulièrement le petit orifice d'aération réservé dans le bouchon sous la tige de la poire, à l'aide du fil ci-inclus.


To ensure your atomizer works regularly, permit us to recommend the following care tips:

# 1. Never travel if the spray is not provided with its sealing device.

# 2. Before filling your empty spray bottle, rinse it with a little alcohol or cologne with more than 90% alcohol content . After this, rinse, the put some fresh cologne in the unit and spray this a dozen times.

# 3. Regarding the travel spray alone, regularly unclog the reserved small vent hole in the cap under the stem of the atomizer bulb with the yarn contained herein.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Vintage 1930s Guerlain Verveine Savon Pour le Bain

Vintage 1930s Guerlain Verveine Savon Pour le Bain. Box of perfumed soap. It has never been used and still has it's original packaging. It measures 4" across and 4" high. It is heavy weighing approximately 1 1/4 lbs.

This reminds me of the Vega presentation box, it has that same Art Deco feel to it.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ebay Find! Shalimar Poudre C'Est Moi

On ebay this week....rare, vintage Shalimar Poudre C'Est Moi, the face powder shade is Ambre Fonce (as seen on the base).


Shalimar Body Lotion and Creams Thru The Years

Shalimar's body lotions and creams have come in various bottles over the years, Check out this guide to help date your products.

Guerlain's Creme Hydratante (body creme) was introduced in 1959, a lanolin based moisturizer, lightly scented with their best selling perfumes, and meant to be lavished all over the body, particularly on arms and legs. Still sold around 1967.

Shalimar Film Spray Body Lotion was a scented, pink, light moisturizing body lotion in spray form created in 1966 and sold until 1975.

6.8 oz Perfumed Body Lotion. Used from 1983-1995. Photo by ebay seller princessstore57

6.9 oz Perfumed Body Creme. Used from 1984-1995. Photo by ebay seller facesecrets.

6.8 oz Silky Body Lotion (Perfumed Body Lotion). Used from c1995-1999. Also can be found in a 3.4 oz size. Photo from ebay seller 2nd.hand.daisy

7 oz Silky Body Creme. Used from 1995-1999.

Sensual Silky Veil (Body Celebration Perfumed Body Lotion) . Used from 1999 til 2008.

7 oz Supreme Body Cream. Used from 1995 to present.

3.4 oz Silky Body Veil, perfumed body lotion, often will say "sample" or "not for individual sale" on the bottle as it was often sold in a gift set along with perfume. Used from 1999-2008.

6.8 oz Sensational Body Lotion. Used from 2008 to present.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Talc Parfume

1940 Guerlain Talc Parfume Coque D'Or powder box, beige paper, sepia graphic of a bathing scene signed J. Cantel, sealed contents. Diam. 3 3/4 in. Photo by Perfume Bottles Auction.

Vintage talc, or dusting powder. It is made by Guerlain Parfumeur. The scent is Mitsouko. The interior is full and sealed. The powder has never been opened, the seal has not been broken,and the puff has never been used. The container is made of tortoise shell, or bakelite, and made in France. The net weight is 8 ounces.

Flacon Opaline c1951 - ?

R. Noirot handpainted opaline flacon decorated with enameled butterflies, it is meant to resemble the mid 19th century French opaline cologne bottles so popular in the Victorian era. The bottle held various standard Guerlain perfumes such as L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Vol de Nuit, Jicky, Ode, Shalimar and it was also seen without any specific perfume name in the cartouche on the front of the bottle. A powder jar was also created.

  • 11.5cm/4.53"
  • 15.5cm/6.1"
  • 18.5cm/7.28"
Powder Jar:
  • 11.5cm tall - diameter 12cm

No one was exactly sure who made this opaline glass bottle, most attribute it to the work of Baccarat and I was previously inclined to believe that it was either Baccarat or Portieux Vallerysthal because both have a history of making opaline crystal bottles. However, after seeing one of Noirot's other handpainted opaline pieces in the same vein as the Guerlain pieces, it was decided that a company named Cristal et Bronze manufactured the pieces for Guerlain as well as other pieces decorated by R. Noirot.

Cristal et Bronze was created in 1937 by a Parisian antique dealer, Cristal et Bronze, located in the medieval village of Château-Landon, manufactures its bathroom fittings and accessories in the purest traditions of French craftsmanship. Luxury hotels, yachts, private homes… interior architects and designers from the five continents appeal to the Cristal et Bronze universe, both for the traditional collections as well as for the more contemporary styles.

Cristal Et Bronze
19 Avenue Friedland
75008 Paris

1955 Guerlain Shalimar powder box, white opaline crystal, gilt bronze knob, hand painted by R. Noirot. 4 3/4 in. Photo by Perfume Bottles Auction.

1955 Guerlain Ode perfume bottle, white opaline crystal, gilt bronze neck mount, hand painted by R. Noirot. 6 1/4 in. Photo by Perfume Bottles Auction.

Vol de Nuit, opaline flacon. Photo by Tajan

both signed R. Noirot, includes Jicky and L'Heure Bleue, (one stopper repaired), 6.5in. The Knoop Collection. Photo by Leighton Galleries.

Guerlain Packaging: Zig Zag Boxes

Starting in 1967 Guerlain packaged their fragrances, cosmetics and skincare products in black and white boxes imprinted with a zig zag like pattern. In the center of these boxes was a raised golden seal with the name of the fragrance or product in the center. This design was used until 1983, when a new design appeared.

used from 1967 til 1983.

advertisement from 1969.

Instead of the black and white boxes, these boxes now were different colors for different fragrances and the zig zags were now either black or gold, depending on the color of the boxes. This design was used up until 2008, when the boxes were then made up of a muted gold color with no zig zags.

used from 1983 til 2008.

used from 2008 to present

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jicky by Guerlain Powder Box c1950s

Very rare powder box "talc parfume" design for Jicky by Guerlain dating from the 1950s. This lattice design imitating limed wood was popular on the presentation boxes for Coque D'Or, Dawamesk and Kriss. This powder box was covered in tissue paper instead of cellophane, quite unusual and early.

The "dot" design was used on perfume boxes from the 1950s til it was replaced by the zig zag design from 1967.

photos by ebay seller pennyanny

Box design similar to the Visage Nuee (face powder) box shown in this 1952 ad:

same design used on this Jicky perfume box, photo by ebay seller grannys_shanty724

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flacon Lyre c1921-1959

Flacon Lyre c1921-1959

Flacon created by Baccarat to house Candide Efflueve, A Travers Champs and Guerlinade. Also produced by Pochet et du Courval in a very small quantity for export to the USA. Baccarat flacon #475.

Habit de Fete Flacons c1996

Habit de Fete Flacons, introduced in 1996. Refillable gold tone atomizer cases.

Held the following:

  • 8ml Parfum
  • 50ml Eau de Parfum
  • 93ml Eau de Toilette

Guerlain 8ml Refillable Parfum Atomizer c1996

Goldtone refillable perfume atomizer.

"Copyright 1996 Guerlain Paris" engraved on the bottom of the case. Came with a black velveteen pouch. Black presentation box with blue outer box.

Stands: 3-5/16" tall
Held the following perfumes:
  • Shalimar (parfum refill discontinued in 2015)
  • Champs Elysees
  • Mitsouko
  • L'Heure Bleue
  • Chamade
  • Jicky
  • Nahema
  • Vol de Nuit
  • Samsara

Flacon Gratte Ciel (Sky Scraper) c1948-1960

Flacon Gratte Ciel (Sky Scraper) c1948-1960

Created by Pochet et du Courval to hold extraits of Atuana and Fleur de Feu. Also made by Baccarat. This flacon was also known as Fleur de Feu, named after its perfume. The name comes from the idea of flowers rising from the flames – like a phoenix; Guerlain’s first perfume after the Second World War.
  • 20cc/20ml/0.676 oz - 11.5cm/4.53" octagonal foot 
  • 28cc/28ml/0.947 oz - 12.8cm/5.08", octagonal foot (limited edition 1999 30ml/1 oz - 12cm) 
  • 40cc/40ml/1.35 oz - 13.8cm/5.43",octagonal foot 
  • 80cc/80ml/2.7 oz - 18.2cm/7.17" square foot 
  • 125cc/125ml/4.2 oz - 20.6cm/8.11" square foot 
  • 250cc/250ml/8.4 oz - 25.1cm/9.88" square foot