Hello and welcome! Please understand that this website is not affiliated with Guerlain in any way, it is only a reference page for collectors and those who have enjoyed the classic fragrances of days gone by.

The main objective of this website is to chronicle the history of the Guerlain fragrances and showcase the bottles and advertising used throughout the years.

However, one of the other goals of this website is to show the present owners of the Guerlain perfume company how much we miss the discontinued classics and hopefully, if they see that there is enough interest and demand, they will bring back these fragrances!

Please leave a comment below (for example: of why you liked the fragrance, describe the scent, time period or age you wore it, who gave it to you or what occasion, any specific memories, what it reminded you of, maybe a relative wore it, or you remembered seeing the bottle on their vanity table), who knows, perhaps someone from the current Guerlain brand might see it.

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Fragrance Collections

L'Art et la Matiére

"Matière" means "material" in French. The name of the line is actually a pun on the French expression "L'Art et la manière". It's used when you talk about there being a certain "correct" way of doing things, with "art and manner".

The line comprises:
  • Angélique Noire
  • Bois d'Arménie
  • Cruel Gardenia
  • Cuir Beluga
  • Iris Ganache
  • Myrrhe & Delires
  • Rose Barbare
  • Spiritueuse Double Vanille
  • Tonka Imperiale
  • Neroli Outrenoir
  • Joyeuse Tubereuse

Les Parisiennes

The collection of Les Parisiennes is composed of exclusive reeditions of fragrances that belong to the Guerlain's heritage and that have been requested by their lovers, who are desperate of not being able to wear them anymore.

Eaux de Parfum and Eau de Toilette most of which were created by Jean-Paul Guerlain for very special moments and come in the famous ultra-chic 125 ml bee sculpted bottles. This bottle decorated with transparent bees is based on the original flacon for Eau de Cologne Impériale that enabled Guerlain to become the Empress's official perfumer in 1853 . Great elegance and sophistication in a small package.

The "Les Parisiennes" bee bottle line comprises re-issues of scents, in eau de parfum and eau de toilette forms, , and sometimes they are issued again under other names. The line-up changes frequently, but currently you can find, among other things:
  • Apres L'Ondee
  • Attrape-Coeur (formerly Guet-Apens)
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Guerlinade
  • L'Heure de Nuit
  • Liu
  • Mademoiselle Guerlain
  • Mayotte (formerly Mahora)
  • Metalys (formerly Metallica)
  • Mon Precieux Nectar
  • Nuit d'Amour
  • Philtre d'Amour
  • Promenade des Anglais
  • Purple Fantasy
  • Quand vient l'été (formerly Terracotta)
  • Vetiver pour Elle

Les Parisiens:

  • Chamade pour Homme
  • L'Ame d'un Héros (formerly Coriolan)
  • Derby
  • Arsene Lupin Dandy
  • Arsene Lupin Voyou

Les Elixirs Charnels

Les Elixirs Charnels were created to evoke the desires of a women who loves to play the game of seduction, a line of feminine fragrances exclusive to the Guerlain boutiques. 
  • Bois Torride
  • Chypre Fatal
  • Floral Romantique
  • French Kiss
  • Gourmand Coquin
  • Le Boise Torride
  • Oriental Brûlant

Les Secrets de Sophie

In 2009, Guerlain launched a new perfume, Les Secrets de Sophie, created by Jean-Paul Guerlain. The fragrance was presented in three limited edition bottles by French jewelry designer Sophie Levy. Each bottle holds the same 60ml of eau de parfum.
  • Les Secrets Noirs de Sophie has accents in black
  • Les Secrets Poudres de Sophie in pink
  • Les Secrets Nacres de Sophie, in white

Les Eaux:

  • Eau de Cologne du Coq
  • Eau de Cologne Imperiale
  • Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat
  • Eau de Guerlain
  • La Cologne Du Parfumeur

Les Voyages Olfactifs

Une ville, un parfum", three fragrances named after major cities:
  • Paris-Moscou
  • Paris-New York
  • Paris-Tokyo
  • Paris -London
  • Paris-Shanghai

Aqua Allegoria

  • Aqua Allegoria - Angelique Lilas
  • Aqua Allegoria - Anisia Bella
  • Aqua Allegoria - Bouquet de Mai
  • Aqua Allegoria - Bouquet Numero 1
  • Aqua Allegoria - Bouquet Numero 2
  • Aqua Allegoria - Calabrian Bergamot
  • Aqua Allegoria - Cherry Blossom
  • Aqua Allegoria - Figue Iris
  • Aqua Allegoria - Flora Nerolia
  • Aqua Allegoria - Flora Nymphéa
  • Aqua Allegoria - Flora Rosa
  • Aqua Allegoria - Foliflora
  • Aqua Allegoria - Gentiana
  • Aqua Allegoria - Grosellina
  • Aqua Allegoria - Herba Fresca
  • Aqua Allegoria - Jasminora
  • Aqua Allegoria - Laurier Réglisse
  • Aqua Allegoria - Lavande Velours
  • Aqua Allegoria - Lemon Fresca
  • Aqua Allegoria - Lilia Bella
  • Aqua Allegoria - Limon Verde
  • Aqua Allegoria - Lys Soleia
  • Aqua Allegoria - Mandarine Basilic
  • Aqua Allegoria - Mentafolia
  • Aqua Allegoria - Nerolia Bianca
  • Aqua Allegoria - Orange Magnifica
  • Aqua Allegoria - Pamplelune
  • Aqua Allegoria - Pera Granita
  • Aqua Allegoria - Pivoine Magnifica
  • Aqua Allegoria - Rosa Blanca
  • Aqua Allegoria - Rosa Fizz
  • Aqua Allegoria - Rosa Magnifica
  • Aqua Allegoria - Rosa Pop
  • Aqua Allegoria - Teazzura
  • Aqua Allegoria - Tiaré-Mimosa
  • Aqua Allegoria - Tutti Kiwi
  • Aqua Allegoria - Winter Délice
  • Aqua Allegoria - Ylang and Vanille

Aroma Allegoria
  • Arôma Allégoria Aromaparfum - Exaltant
  • Arôma Allégoria Aromaparfum - Soothing
  • Arôma Allégoria Aromaparfum - Vitalisant

Les Quatre Saisons

In 2008, Guerlain released a limited edition coffret of four fragrances inspired by the Four Seasons of Vivaldi and composed by Jean Paul Guerlain. The collection is entitled Les Quatre Saisons, it includes three perfumes from the house catalog as well as a new creation dedicated to celebrating the passage from summer to fall. The perfumes included are:
  • Muguet de Printemps
  • Quant Vient L'Eté 
  • Brume d'Automne
  • Winter Délice

Les Coeurs de Chamade

For Valentine's Day 1999, Guerlain offered a special limited edition set of the Chamade fragrance, one for woman and one for man, the introduction of Chamade pour Homme, created by Jean Paul Guerlain. The fragrances were housed In the classic 1969 design Chamade perfume bottles, each flacon holds 1 oz eau de toilette.


Guerlain released Insolence in 2006 as an eau de toilette only. In 2007, it was followed by My Insolence, and then in 2008, Insolence eau de parfum and Insolence parfum extrait. Since then it has had several limited edition flankers, Insolence Shimmering Edition in 2008, Insolence Eau Glacee in 2009 and Insolence Blooming in 2010.

  • Insolence eau de toilette was created by Maurice Roucel. There is a delicate and soft violet waiting for you in the top notes, followed by red-fruits cocktail with raspberry domination. The heart is floral-sweet, composed of violet, rose, and orange blossom. At the end, sweet raisins and balsams together have joined iris and Tonka bean to round the composition. The creators of Insolence are Maurice Roucel and Sylvaine Delacourte, and the half-sphere bottle with the rose-like shaped stopper was created by Serge Mansau. 
  • My Insolence is a new version of Insolence. It is fruiter and softer and brighter then Insolence.My Insolence is created for a modern woman, spontaneous and ready to reveal the essence of her inner self, and embrace her femininity. This adorable fragrance is charming, playful and uplifting, captured in a charming pink bottle. It opens with a whole bunch of sweet raspberry notes, with a lemon-cake-like citrusy trace, and then continues in a direction opposite than its predecessor Insolence. The almond blossom notes, intensive, sweet and pure jasmine, patchouli, Tonka beans and powdery vanilla, give this fragrance a soft impression.
  • Insolence Eau de Parfum arrives as more intensive, intoxicating and magical than its antecedent Insolence Eau de Toillete. It features a new colour of the bottle which stands for intoxicating scents hiding inside it. The composition is similar: accentuated iris and endlessly seductive violets which are set in the very heart of the perfume. The perfume was created for an eccentric and chic woman, who thrives for perfection. Insolence Eau de Parfum is a new fragrance and it was introduced in 2008. The noses behind this fragrance are Sylvaine Delacourte and Maurice Roucel. The dark and seductive bottle is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml EDP.
  • New edition, Insolence Shimmering Edition, arrives in the same form as the original flacon, with metal body. The iridescent effect on your neck and cleavage will be perfect for going out in the evening, as well as for the upcoming holidays. This edition will be a real treat for all collectors and fans of perky composition of the original version. The perfume starts with fruit aromas ( red berries, raspberry, lemon, bergamot), includes violet, jasmine and rose in the heart, with an intensive trail of sweet resins, balms and iris flowers.Creators of this fragrance are perfumers Maurice Roucel and Sylvaine Delacourte. 
  • Insolence Eau Glacee: New, icy-cold Insolence Eau Glacee takes us into a new world composed of tasty and fresh aromas of green apple sorbet and luminous citruses which give a feeling of ultimate refreshment. Joyful and encouraging accords of red berries tingle your imagination with luxurious and elegant iris flowers, resting on velvety and gentle violet petals. Accentuated freshness in this composition arouses all senses and affects your emotions and good mood directly. 50ml eau glacee concentration.
  • Insolence Blooming is a new fragrance by the house of Guerlain created in fruity-floral rhythm. Just like its antecedents, it was based on violet combined with iris and red berries. Available as 50 ml EDT.

Cherry Blossom

Starting in 2000, Guerlain has issued Cherry Blossom, a fragrance for women. These perfumes are specially marketed to Japan, who revere the cherry blossoms.
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Cherry Blossom Delight 
  • Cherry Blossom Glittering
  • Cherry Blossom Fruity
  • Lovely Cherry Blossom
  • Lovely Cherry Blossom gold sparkles 
  • Shiny Cherry Blossom

Les Deserts d'Orient

Guerlain has designed a collection exclusively for the Middle Eastern market. Their collection Les Deserts d'Orient is to be exclusively distributed for the UAE, and possibly Qatar and Kuwait at a later date. The Paris flagship boutique in due time. Launched in 2012.The bottles are adorned with Arab-script calligraphy down one side, the French names down the other side. They are the tall, architectural style of the collection L'Art et la Matière with the antique gold overlay on the sides holding 75 ml of eau de parfum. As of 2016, the name Les Deserts d'Orient has been changed to L'Orient (À La Recontre de L'Orient.)

  • Encens Mythique d’Orient: Inspired by frankincense, but given a typical Guerlain treatment, this sweet & bright musky oriental composition fuses aldehydes with neroli, moss, saffron, Persian rose, ambergris and musk to render incense new again.
  • Songe d’un Bois d’été: A dry, spicy, subdued and smoky effect with authentic nuances; the woodiness is based on cedar, the jasmine heart gives an individual touch. Saffron and cardamom provide the spiciness; laurel, a dry aromatic touch. Oud, myrrh, patchouli and leathery notes complete the base notes of this intriguing composition.
  • Rose Nacrée du Désert: A fragrance built on lush Persian rose, the legendary blossom of the east. Creamy yet dark, rose is given a mysterious air via saffron, patchouli and a hint of agarwood (oud), fanned on rich benzoin resin.

Arsene Lupin 

Guerlain is presenting new fragrances, ARSENE LUPIN Dandy Eau de Parfum and ARSENE LUPIN Voyou Eau de Parfum, inspired by an imaginary character from a crime novel by French author Maurice Leblanc. The fragrances have been available since autumn 2010.

Arsene Lupin is presented in a series of short stories, Je Sais Tout, previously named Arsene Lopin. After protests of a local politician, the name was changed to Lupin. Jean-Paul Guerlain dedicates two new fragrances, Dandy and Voyou, to this charming imaginary character.
  • Arsene Lupin Dandy
  • Arsene Lupin Voyou

Collection Eaux de Rituel

  • Eau de Cashmere
  • Eau de Lingerie
  • Eau de Lit

Les Absolus d'Orient

  • Ambre Éternel 
  • Santal Royal
  • Oud Essentiel

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