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Friday, February 8, 2013

Le Fleurs de Guildo c1885

Le Fleurs de Guildo: created in 1885, named after the region in Brittany.  According to L'art de la toilette chez la femme: bréviaire de la vie élégante: by Alice de Laincel, the extrait was marketed towards young women

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It was the smell of the plants by the sea, with possible marine notes. 
  • Top notes: lavender, heather, sweet briar, broom
  • Middle notes: geranium, violet, rose, jasmine, lily
  • Base notes: ambergris, vanilla


Housed in the Carre flacon and others.

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown.

Journal des demoiselles - Page 3, 1886:
"The best colognes for winter: Eau de Chypre, Eau de Judée, Benzoin extract. As fashionable perfumes: Primavera de Espagne, Impérial Russe, l'Opéra bouquet, the new fragrance Guildo has a great success, its flavor is exquisite, sweet, it is fresh and persistent."

Les Lettres et les arts, 1887:
"Flowers or plants they are wonderfully true. One thing is missing from the first perfume. But how easy to make the ghost quite real. Our perfumer, Guerlain is not there to fly to the most subtle calices their exquisite soul whose aroma in a drop of perfume gives life to what was just now simulacrum. Essence of violet, roses or geranium, flowers of broom, picked on the Breton moor of Guildo , heliotrope or lily of the valley: a few drops sprayed and here is the bouquet that comes alive, awakens and sing!   The embalmed symphony spreads, mingled with the passing air having its seat in the flowered boot that blossoms above the flamboyant glass of Venice. Who could believe that these are artificial flowers."

Journal des demoiselles - Page 244, 1890:
"Les deux autres produits sont des extraits pour le mouchoir aux odeurs Jicky et Guildo. Le Jicky est un parfum des tropiques très suave et original qui n'a pas d'analogue. Les personnes qui l'ont essayé en sont enthousiastes et le redemandent ce sont des prémices de succès. Le Guildo est agréable et persistant il produit une impression vive et excitante comme le parfum des plantes du bord de la mer. Il plaît aux personnes qui aiment les odeurs accentuées. Otros dos perfumes discretos y distinguidos, dedicados á las señoritas: la Primavera, de España, y Verbena, fina y de una frescura delicada.  
(The other two products are perfumed extracts for the handkerchief, Jicky and Guildo. The Jicky is a very sweet fragrance of the tropics and original that has nothing similar. Those who have tried it are enthusiastic and wanting more, these are the beginnings of success. The Guildo is pleasant and persistent, it produces a vivid impression, and exciting as the scent of plants by the sea. It appeals to people who love the intensified odor. Two other discrete and distinguished perfumes, dedicated to the young ladies: the Spring, of Spain, and Verbena, fine and of a delicate freshness.)

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