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Friday, April 24, 2015

Guerlain Teas

La Petite Robe Noire Black Tea - Nature & Gastronomy

Black tea character from the highlands of India, whose strength is softened by the greedy presence of red fruits.Black tea from India, slightly spicy and fruity - red berries and raspberry pieces. High in caffeine which stimulates and promotes concentration, it should drink tea La Petite Robe Noire until mid afternoon. It can also be consumed cold.

Shalimar Black and Green Tea Blend - Intensity and voluptuousness

This tea evokes the first Oriental perfume. Subtle mix of flowers and sensual woody amber accents, Shalimar has become forever the essence of love and radiant femininity.A subtle blend of green tea and black teas from China and Sri Lanka to vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, lavender and natural aroma of bergamot. Shalimar tea is rich in caffeine, known for giving energy and boost concentration.

Orchidee Imperiale Black Tea - Presence and grade

Symbol of femininity in Asia, the orchid is known for its extraordinary longevity virtues in Imperial Orchid. On a base of black tea, adding orchid aroma was made possible through a complex process that requires perfect control of the dosage to achieve create balance. The flavoring of tea is an art in itself. Chinese black tea with orchid aromas. The subtle and perfect combination of tea and flower. The Imperial Orchid tea is rich in caffeine known to give energy and boost concentration.

L'Heure Bleue Oolong Tea - Serenity and delight

Oolong Taïawan, Ding Dong, which means "ice mist of heights," refers to the name of Dong Ding mountain where the tea is grown. Tea L'Heure Bleue, with pretty leaves rolled, is consumed at sunset. The pretty leaves rolled Dong Ding Oolong from Taiwan, evoke delicious aromas of chestnut, honey and hints of white flowers.

Nerolia Bianca White Tea - Spontaneity and delicacy

This Bai Mudan - which means "white peony" - consists of the buds of the first two leaves of tea plants. A delicate white tea plunging into the cool Nerolia Bianca, spontaneous and joyful fragrance built around bitter orange. The flavors of the Chinese white tea from the Fujian region, harvested once a year in spring, evoke a zesty notes of wet willow, honey and flowers. This exceptional tea is dried naturally after being trated by hand. Its color reminds its silvery leaves and white downy buds. Nerolia Bianca is a tea cleansing and very refreshing.

Liu Green Tea - Femininity and subtlety

Grown in the Fujian region, this collection offers scented green tea buds gently with jasmine flowers harvested in July. A subtle tea in the image of Liu, a flowery and voluptuous fragrance hymn to femininity and true love. Chinese green tea scented with jasmine flowers. Jasmine is known for its digestive properties, soothing and calming.

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