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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sapoceti c1828

Created in 1828, Sapoceti,  was a rich soap made of whale blubber. It was meant to cleanse not only the body, but to whiten the skin as well. Guerlain registered this as a trademark in 1926, again in 1967 and the trademark finally expired in 1987.

Sapoceti was available in over 45 different scents, including:
  • Acacia 
  • A La Thridace (lettuce soap)
  • Amandes
  • Ambroisie 
  • Apres L'Ondee 
  • A Suc de Laitue
  • Benjoin
  • Bouquet
  • Bouquet des Hesperides
  • Chamade 
  • Chant D'Arômes 
  • Chypre
  • Cryasol
  • Ess Bouquet 
  • Fiori d'Italia
  • Fleurs des Alpes
  • Fleurs D'Italie 
  • Fleurs d'Oranger
  • Fleurs Nouvelles
  • Fleurs Sauvages
  • Hay Cup
  • Frangipane 
  • Gardenia 
  • Geranium 
  • Héliotrope
  • Hesperides 
  • Impériale Russe
  • Iris 
  • Jasmin
  • Jeune Âge
  • Jicky 
  • Jockey Club
  • Laitue Vireuse
  • Lavande
  • L'Heure Bleue
  • Liu 
  • Magnolia 
  • Makis 
  • Maréchale 
  • Maréchale Duchesse 
  • Marquise
  • Mille Fleurs 
  • Mitsouko 
  • Mouchoir de Monsieur
  • Mousseline
  • Muguet
  • Musc
  • New Mown Hay 
  • Oeillet Rose
  • Orange Flower 
  • Pao Rosa 
  • Parure
  • Patchouly 
  • Pre Fleuri 
  • Reseda 
  • Rose
  • Rose-Blanche
  • Rose Coquette
  • Rue de la Paix
  • Santal
  • Shalimar 
  • Skimous Blondes 
  • Skimous Brunes
  • Vanille
  • Verveine 
  • Vétiver 
  • Violette
  • Violette Fleurs
  • Vol de Nuit
  • Weekend 
  • West End
  • Ylang ylang 
  • Zaibad

Sapoceti drawers at the Guerlain boutique in Paris. photo by perfumeshrine

Closeup of the drawers showing Sapoceti Their beautiful engraved fronts, 
photo by whatmenshouldsmelllike blog

Society recollections in Paris and Vienna, 1879-1904 - Page 71, 1907
"The Princess Elvira Wrbna (a Bavarian Royal Princess living in Vienna) always sends for Guerlain's soaps, and many other ladies in Vienna will use no other soap but Guerlain's."

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