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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mon Precieux Nectar c2009

Mon Precieux Nectar: created in 2009. It was created by Sylvaine Delacourte and Randa Hammami.

It was originally released as a limited edition of only 35, housed in a crystal fountain, the Fountain Imperiale, manufactured by the famous Val Saint Lambert in Belgium, and retailed for a whopping $9,000. The fountain, column like with timeless, pure lines inspired by the Second Empire. And, a honeybee, the emblem of the house, was engraved in the center of the stopper. The fountain contains one liter of parfum.

From Guerlain:
"Mon Précieux Nectar is aptly named. Discreetly fruity, floral and musky, this fragrance recalls the creations that made the history of perfumery. A fragrance with rare elegance, at turns vibrant and noble, enveloping or even deliciously delicate. The complexity of its scent boggles the mind. 
The fragrance is showcased in the iconic Bee bottle, which exceptionally takes on an oh-so-chic 125 ml format. 2009 re-edition. Floral Oriental. Subtle, sweet, enveloping.
The fragrance showcases a sweet, honeyed orange blossom for a breathtaking aura and addiction.
Mon Précieux Nectar: the most beautiful production by the Guerlain bee."

Fragrance Composition:

What does it smell like? It is classified as a floral oriental fragrance for women.
  • Top notes: petitgrain, bitter almond
  • Middle notes: orange blossom, jasmine
  • Base notes: white musk, vanilla, frankincense, sandalwood, guaiac wood

To the delight of fans who were able to sample this perfume, Guerlain released this fragrance as part of their popular Les Parisiennes line in 2012. This slightly tweaked formula was composed by Thierry Wasser and was presented as 125ml Parfum in the bee bottle, retailing at $270. Please note that some online resources have deemed this as eau de parfum, but my bottle and box strictly say "Parfum", not eau de parfum.

My  Review:

Absolutely divine. This is exactly what I would envision nectar would smell like, from the bee's point of view. The delicate florals and the nectar smell, yes, to me, it is intoxicating.

The nectar accord smells very fresh and juicy and reminds me of what honeysuckle nectar tastes like. I don't get a real intense bitter almond smell, in fact the first spray does smell like heliotrope, but not the full blown, heavy heliotrope in L'Heure Bleue. It is softer, fragile like dragonfly wings. The jasmine is very sheer, which is not at all indolic, no skank here.

I do not get much of the incense or the guaiac wood, but the lush orange blossom is very true to the natural scent of the waxy white blossoms. The vanilla and the sandalwood is well rounded and never emerges as too sweet or cloying. The musky base is not dirty or overwhelming, nothing like the animalic Jovan's White Musk, it is more of a comforting scent, reminds me of cashmere.

My bottle dates to 2012 and has a super soft cream colored suede ribbon around its neck. I easily decanted some just removing the stopper and using a pipette to transfer into a Travalo type atomizer to keep in my purse.

I happily received this in a swap, and it is my first of the Les Parisiennes collection and it did not disappoint. I love that Guerlain adds an optional high quality atomizer to use with the bee bottle. When I sprayed it, a super fine mist, like myriads of atoms, sprung forth and my body was sweetly enveloped in a kitten soft cloud of the precious nectar.

However, I am saddened this doesn't have much longevity and is more of a subtle skin scent with low sillage. I will however think of this as my holy grail fragrance and no doubt be mourning its loss when my bottle is empty and only wispy traces of the scent remain.

The Imperial Fountain
The Les Parisiennes bee bottle

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